Emprah "Tha Great"

In an era where everyone wants to be a rapper, own a record label, & continuous industry press releases of articles announcing a decline in music sales across the board. The competition in the entertainment industry is at it’s fiercest. With all that being said Emprah “Tha Great” aka Black Hosanna has risen himself above the competition by taking a grass roots approach to his musical creativity & building the brand of Thug’z Nation Ent. With the earlier release of his project “Black Hosanna” self titled after his alter ego. In 2014 Feat. His underground hit singles “Throw’d Off” and “Draped Up & Dripped Out” feat. Wolf Deezy “Da Beast” 

“Black Hosanna” By Emprah “Tha Great” 


Emprah “Tha Great” & his label Thug’z Nation Ent. Has made a whole lot of noise & has attained a strong; swiftly growing fan base World Wide. Emprah “Tha Great” is a well rounded Artist & business man. He’s one of the few in the entertainment industry that is versatile. Emprah can make you jam & have a great time; then turn around & hit you with a heart felt message that’ll touch your soul. Now with his latest single release “Parkin Lot” feat. Wolf Deezy “Da Beast”. He has the clubs & the streets going crazy again, while gaining Worldwide attention. 


Emprah “Tha Great’s” vision and view on life, the community, history & where music as a whole should be going I must admit is very intriguing & captivating. He stated that “black men has forgotten the power and the influence of their music on society and that we can change the systematic problem we face as a culture & community by winning the wars of the mind through our music, if we spit our true soul on these tracks and ignore the trends”. Emprah “Tha Great’s” Upcoming Ep “The Great” State Of Mind Vol. 3″ I believe will be one of those Ep’s that everyone will have in their collection and keep on repeat. This brother is a true breathe of fresh air for the entertainment community. 

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Written by: Black Prince 



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    FAKAII Nigeria
    Dope for real.

    Dope for real.

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